forum keeps logging me out [Resolved]

Hi All,

I seem to have a problem staying logged in…

I came here read a few posts, went to Wilders and a few other sites, came back here and had to log in again.

I went to 4 other sites and didn’t have to log in, they remembered me.

Is there something new going on here?

Thank You in advance!

Ensure that cookies are enabled for and that they’re not set to auto delete or something. What browser are you using?

Hi Soyabeaner,

I am using FF 3.0.1.

I have keep cookies from site, and keep until they expire.

I’m using Opera (not if that matters) and never have a problem of being kicked off. Try deleting this forum’s cache & cookie to build a new one and see if that makes a difference.

i have forever checked but it keeps logging me out for some reason i don’t hardly ever clear my cookies so why is it doing this FireFox 3 with noscript and ABP. i hope something can be done about this none of my other sites are doing this only comodo.

Merged threads. Looks to be a FF3 problem so far, and I don’t mean Final Fantasy 3 (:TNG)

it just started doing this and nothing is new on my end is very strange. i cleared cache and cookies and no go i wonder what could have changed.

it’s not FF3 problem. i use FF3,no problem at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, so far, that’s the only connection I see. If you have a better idea, I’d like to know about it.

ok this is strange i came to the forum like usual i was logged out and then i went over and saw the padlock thing was open i clicked it and it went back to secure connection and i was auto logged in. this brings me down to my noscript extension with its new feature auto secure cookies? could this be the issue. i would like to know if the other person is using the noscript extension as well see if it is something in common here.

Edit: going to turn of secure cookies in noscript and will report back if it works or not.

Update i disabled this function and no go still dose it. I then went and disabled noscript itself and still no go for some reason on my end the site reverts back to a none secure logging why and how is beyond me. but if i click the padlock it auto log me in auto why and how this is doing it is beyond my comprehension what happen in the last few days that could have changed this i have no clue.

My problem was with Noscript, they had another update today saying something about secure cookies and it affecting a few sites…

Frogger…Try to update your FF addons and see if the problem goes away~

TY Soyabeaner for taking the time and trying to help me~

Thank you that did it :slight_smile:

We cool 8) now.