forum coverage free firewall version 6

Does this or any other forum cover free version 6 of the firewall? If so, will someone please direct me to an online manual if it exists?

:-[ My immediate concern is how to access a log, if it exists, and how to turn logging on if it’s an option.

This forum is for all users of Comodo Firewall, free or paid.

Help files can be found here.

Also, logs are automatically turned on. They can be accessed by flipping the front page of the main GUI, by clicking on the green arrow in the upper right-hand corner, and then clicking on “View Logs”.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. By the way, my advice on how to configure Comodo Firewall can be found on this page.


Perfect! I am – as I suspected I would be – embarrassed at missing the Home/Tasks arrow.

Your configuration article was quite helpful, AND you write in clear, concise (grammatically correct!) terms.

Thank you.