Forum auto-logout?/https [Closed]

Hi, not sure if this question belongs here or not… I didn’t see any board for “Forum Feedback/Questions”. Please move this if needed. Got two questions.

After posting a “question thread” earlier I was refreshing the page every so many minutes to see if anyone replied to the post and after about 7 minutes the next thing I knew the refreshed page says that I am not logged in anymore. When I logged in I selected for it to leave me logged in always so that I would be logged in until I chose to logout. Anyone experience this before and know what causes it to happen? I have my browser set to allow session cookies for comodo so it should allow the cookie until I logout and close the browser window.

Something else I noticed, at the top of the forum pages next to the “logout link” there is a “padlock icon”. Is there any advantage to using these forums with it “locked”? I have never seen a https setup for a user forum before. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Edit: I think I am going crazy. I thought for a second that this question was better suited to the “Comodo Website issues for submitting website problems only” finding it after looking more carefully and was going to move it to that location but, then realized that the board is only for “confirmed problems” so, I decided to wait, if this thread question is better suited in that thread then I will move it or a Admin./Mod. can do so if they choose.

Nobody has any clues or info. of this happening? I noticed that when I login with the “quick login” box at the top of the pages which logs in under “https” it doesn’t boot me out. When it logged me out automatically the other day I used the “login link tab/icon” at the top of the page which logged me in “http”. I don’t know if it was just a browser mess-up or something that booted my ID. I looked in the “Board for reporting known problems” and didn’t find anything other than Little Mac’s post about being logged in already when getting back to the forum.

Uhhh, hello? 110 people viewed but, not even one has an idea of what could have caused the forum to boot me out like that?

Hey pup21,

Sorry no one’s responded. This is the first time it came up on my lists. I would consider the logout to be a potential problem with the forum and would report it as such. To that end, I am moving the thread…

Keep an eye on it happening again, and note exact date/time/etc to include with your report. That will help the forum admin track it down.


Thanks for your reply. It has not happened since I started logging in with the “quick login” boxes at the top of all of the forum pages. The last time it happened I logged in using the “login tab” at the top next to the calender tab. I will try logging in with the tab to see if it boots me out again and post here.

Update. It has not happened again. Hopefully it was just something that happened during that browse session on my end. Thanks for your reply Little Mac.

No problem, pup21. Glad it hasn’t recurred. I’ll go ahead and close the topic. If it happens again, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we’ll reopen it.