false positive with secure DNS

Hello as far as know this is not a dangerous site. there is another which is dangerous but not this one.Even if I tell Comodo to bypass this ,it does not work and I am forced to change my DNS in order to make it working.
ps:it works with Norton DNS but I prefere to use Comodo so please check it
Re PS: I am in the wrong Forum I have made a new post in Comodo internet security

??? How are there two versions of the site? Is one a phishing attempt?

URLVoid gives 5 detections on

You have: which is dangerous and which is not. These 2 sites are differents

Report 2010-05-30 02:38:15 (GMT 1)
Domain Hash fd36dce014a6b992530e073fed0e6005
IP Address [SCAN]
IP Hostname
IP Country NL (Netherlands)
AS Number 43350
AS Name NFORCE NFOrce Entertainment BV AS
Detections 0 / 18 (0 %)
Status CLEAN