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how to delete my account ?
how to delete my post ?
how to delete my answers, my questions, my e-mail ?
why these options are not managed from board members ?
is it not a question of privacy, security, confidence ?
i would like this option be allowed on every forum.

PM a moderator if you really want you account deactivated. I hope this helps you. Sorry to see you leave the forum. :frowning:

Wel, ad18,


misunderstanding : i DO NOT leave the forum and i do not intend on ; i found a piece of happyness here !

i ask only a question about the respect of privacy to the other users waiting their opinions and following a demand done yesterday on this forum (delete an e-mail account).
A question was asked and an answer was given for this person but :
is it a security feature to do not allow the members to manage their own account ?
is it not a little piece of mine who is in the hands of anyone who seeks and research information doing a profile - maybe for a trial in two years, maybe for a vacation far from my home, maybe for to do not obtain a meet-rendez-vous-work-job.

I am not enough experimented playing with wrong/false or real identity in the purpose that it can become an advantage so, does it deserve me to let an account open on a forum ? Or how can i manage it transforming an inscription in profit ?

i wonder if someone can travel by plane without feeling this danger or happiness to have a profile : it can help if you it is only few

It is only a question not a demand … on the General Discussion about anything and everything …

sorry to not be able writing without creating a so embarrassing misunderstanding.


it can help if you are famous or it can be strange (i am thinking about snowden and another person).;msg744766#msg744766

comodo account policy _ yesterday