FortiClient Lite.

Looks new and it looks like MSE i wonder how it preforms?

64 bits downloads are available on 32 bits downloads are not available yet. I think the antimalware is the same as in forticlient standard. Its just an antimalware i.e firewall & other stuffs available in forticlient standard are not there I guess. so nothing new I think.


Nicer interface. But I still used an old version.

Are you still using Forticlient? If so, the lite version? Do you have experience of using it in combination with Comodo D+ and sandbox?

There is a new version in their website Forticlient Endpoint with FW & other stuffs & new GUI. It doesn’t mention free or trial paid. I downloaded & installed & still no info free or trial paid. It seems free, softpedia mentions V5 free. No info in the official site or product itself.

Tried it a year and a half ago. Decent. Average detection. Not good, but not so bad either. Quiet and rather light considering. Added 2 minutes to startup and needed quite a bit more tweaking. A friend of mine’s still using it about a month ago. Not too sure now, although I suppose he still is. Says it’s been doing well. Worked nicely on his system compared to others. No infection since.

forticlient lite is free. It is quite good. not incredibly popular.