FortiClient FREE

I tested it last night and it did not work out well for me. However, I can say that suite has a lot of potential.


I agree, it was above average but nothing to shout about. And I wonder how good there VPN service is.

Iam personally not a fan of product that has many fancy futures that are no way near polished.
I rather see CIS focusing on developing the firewall some more and strengthen D+ even further.

But well… People seems to be in lovve with futures, Know some new stuff is coming in version4… :SMLR :BNC

When it comes to heuristic analysis, FortiClient also fails to detect any injection
I'm guessing it'll propably be a while before it can defend against process injections. I doubt it can handle MBR Rootkits :) but maybe they'll have a chance to stop it because it'll probably need a dropper :o

Fortinet antivirus fails in Av-comparatives because it detect a lot of false positive.
However Comodo will win by improving engine to reduce a false positives.

I’m trying this, As I see an Anti-Virus detect a lot of false positives :stuck_out_tongue: (Generic detection)

If you plan to use this please turn off a heuristic detection and think before use automatic dealt with detection.

Turn off hueristic ? NEVA!!

First scan log.
see a detection of “suspend” file. :frowning:

Note : Heuristic set to normal.

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