FortiClient Endpoint Security Standard Edition 4.1

Anyone used the free FortiClient Endpoint Security Standard Edition 4.1???

I did see the review on pcmag, but they gave it a low rating along with CIS.

NOTE: FortiClient did not say to remove CIS… it’s good idea to do so IF you try it.

I hope FortiClient has a very good AV… because they will need it.

The firewall report from

Fortinet detect FP more than Comodo.
I think the free version of them will help they to be a better detection.
Because paid Anti-virus isn’t always better :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Petit, i noticed following things when i tried there new version,
Its performance is slower than comodo as well.
But its firewall is nice but its slow in showing pop-up alerts.
Its antivirus is not that good yet

I tested it with some new malware. The antivirus failed to detect some viruses.
The webshield is good and blocked some malware webs.

Sorry for my bad English!! :slight_smile:

Okay my review of it:

Antivirus is useless tried it on Virtual Machine - detected absolutely nothing

Web Shield - Pretty much useless, went on and that is spyware right there and it didnt block that even with settings: block malware and spyware… USE k9 web protection (that is excellent for blocking spyware sites) Blocks almost each one on the web

I give it a rating of 2 out of 10. Even it’s firewall fails. contain various fake anti spyware isntallation file that some Antivirus detect the old version but didn’t detect new version of it.