Former ZoneAlarm user

I was also tired of the “ZoneAlarm free” firewall issues. I’ve been using Comodo now for about 2 weeks. Great product! Just wish it had one feature that I miss from ZoneAlarm… the auto-lock feature (after a user defined timeout period). This is a must-have when the kids leave the computer on. Also wish it was easier to block all traffic with a single mouseclick from the system tray icon. Also, it’s a bit hard to tell if the firewall is in blocked vs. custom state. A lock icon would be a great addition.

Keep up the great work!

Welcome, Markie, and thanks for the feedback.

If you use the context menu (right-click) from the systray icon and select “Block All”, the icon will turn red. Blue for Custom (Normal), and Green for Allow All. A different color scheme has been suggested (Green for Allow All doesn’t really match up…). However, that Red icon should catch your attention.

I’m not sure that anyone has added the auto-lock timer to the WishList. You may certainly do so:,6883.0.html


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction with your tips! Wishlist? Didn’t know one existed - I’ll be sure to add the auto-lock feature to it.

No problem!


Markie, I know what you mean. I switched for the same reason and never regred it :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I also originaly used ZA free and for a long time too. I then discovered some firewall leaktests and seen how bad ZA free was. I tried Jetico which was god dam awful and ZA pro for free for 2 weeks and it turned out to be very good. However comodo was just as affective and for free so I am now using this one. You also dont have to activate a so called “game mode” in CPF to disable alerts and automaticaly block/allow internet access.

I used to be a Zone Alarm Pro user, I heard about Comodo and I tried it, It’s Faster, It’s more Secure then ZAP but One thing I wish it could have is more of a Advance Log For Intrusions, That’s about it
I don’t know if you want me to list my sys. Stats.

Welcome to the forums, CGPMaster!

Glad you like the firewall. I know that Comodo doesn’t put the same emphasis as some firewalls do, on notifying the user of blocked attempts; it seems to quietly go about its business. However, you should have log entries for things that have been blocked.

What do you not see in the logs that you would like to see?


More of a Advance as in:

  1. Optional to Mark as Secure or Deadly Print the reports
    3.Definations of ECHO REQUEST and ID number’s like Network Control Rule ID: 5 and more of that sort of thing

  2. To pick alerts to pop up or not to,

Stuff Like that,

Tnx for the ideas, CGPMaster!

You can add those to the official WishList thread if you like (Comodo looks here for ideas to use in future versions).


never liked za (:SAD)

Just moved again from ZA Free.
I’ev used ZA for many years now and found it OKI to be honest but over the last year or so there have been more bugs and the last straw was teh re-occurance of teh True vector failure. So removed ZA and downloaded Comodo. The increase in speed was quite noticable which i really didnlt expect. the popup messages are also more informative especially showing teh parent program. So for now very happy. Hopefully this will continue and my initial feelings will be substantiated by time.

Many thanks,