Former Free ZoneAlarm user

Hi Comodo team
i have just downloaded most of your products … havent been able to install antispam yet with the 1608 error … tried one of the 'resolutions " to no avail …
Anyhow …
i ran the security tests on the free zonealarm … and WOW!!! man it was wanting bad!!!
with running comodo firewall … i actually know whats going on and who or what wants to use what program when and where … this is awesome …
i use mirc a lot and when i have firefox open … its amazing how many times mirc wants to use firefox to acess the internet!!!
before this my computer used to go mad and the internet flashing and i couldnt find what program was using who

Great Job !!!

ThankYou guys/Gals also for providing such quality program for us who cant afford a full pledged unit.

Thanks creative4rce
if you thought the current version was powerful, then wait and see what v3 is going to do :slight_smile:
you can see here where an independent test has shown Comodo Firewall to be top!


Yeah i cant wait indeed!!..

i have downloaded the alpha 2 … but not sure if i should install it yet or wait …

please let me know if you feel its ok to install … i did see someone wrote that it should be lables beta and not alpha …

waitng for reply


it should only be installed for testing on a test machine.