Formatting my pc thanks to COMODO

Was having problems with bk core tag adware. Installed Comodo, tried to open an application that i have been using for years, i tell comodo to allow it, comodo ignores my command and keeps asking multiple times, after “i say remember this decision”, the application wont open mo more, comodo corrupted the application files. so i thought ok whatever this comodo obviously is a garbage POS so i went ahead and uninstalled it, i also manually opened regedit and removed everything related to comodo. now my PC wont start up at all and claims there is no admin account in the system when i try a system restore btw this is windows 8.1, to put it shortly, comodo corrupted my OS and now im going to lose all my files thanks to this a joke of firewall, is it a firewall or a virus ? very lame firewall, all i wanted was to blacklist some persistent adware and now all my files are gone, stay away from this virus disguised as a firewall and you will be doing yourself a favor.

It sounds to me like you did this to your own computer by manually editing your registry. That’s a pretty dangerous move when you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t make a backup.

BTW, you don’t have to lose all of your files. There’s many ways you can access the data on the drive before reformatting such as moving the hard drive to another computer or using a boot cd to copy your files to another drive. I know with Windows XP there was a way to do a repair install without the need to reformat. I don’t know if such an option exists with Windows 8. You might want to look into that, too.

Hi to you both,
It sounds as if the system may have already been infected before installing CIS.
Note: CIS is not intended or designed to be installed on an already infected system, Comodo Cleaning Essentials would be more suitable.

The functionality of the repair/refresh/reset/recovery with Windows 8 is quite substantial and works really well.
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How to refresh, reset, or restore your PC-Microsoft

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