Formatting a CD to MS-DOS and Booting to CD

Hello Forum. I am speaking to you from a public computer. My PC won’t boot to Windows due to the Windows root system32 hal.dll being corrupted or missing!

The fix is to format a CD in MS-DOS, then copy the needed dll to the reformatted CD. This must be done from a HEALTHY machine running XP Pro. My friend has 2 PCs, 1 has XP Pro. 1 has XP Home.
I have XP PRO.

Does anyone know how to FORMAT A CD to MS-DOS IN XP. I need the instructions. I can use one of my friend’s PCs to do this if I knew how. I already know how to COPY a dll to the CD.

SECOND: How do I boot to the CD? The hal.dll is part of the start-up menu!! I can’t boot to Windows.
I have to boot to CD. Does anyone know how to do that?
If so, what do I do after I boot to the REFORMATTED CD? How do I then copy the dll to Windows?

If anyone knows how to do this please post the answer. I would be greatly appreciative of it.

Thank you.


I sujest you use a boot cd. for example : Ultimate Boot CD. then place back the needed dll.
Afterwards your computer should be able to start up again.

IF not, I sujest you use the repair function of the windows installation CD

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AAAAAGGGGHHHH!!! I have been offline for THREE WEEKS til last night. I JUST bought this used PC yesterday and it’s working great. Thank you to Experience for his advice. My Friend tried several boot Cds and none worked til he FINALLY got an Official Windows Boot cd and even then it took MANY tries before the HAL.DLL finally was accepted into the system. After that, it asked for many more files. Bottom line, the HD CRASHED!! The HD manufacture date is early 2002. I must now get my files out of it. We used an enclosure and connected it to my friends PC, but it was set to 'Private" on my PC originally so we could read but not download any files. EXPERIENCE, do U know the workaround?? HOW DO I BYPASS THE ‘PRIVATE’ LOCKOUT WHEN USING an enclosure so that I can download my files to an external HD or copy them to a CD? Any tips U could provide would be appreciated.

When you hook up the HD to another computer using the IDE connector does the same private lockout thing happen? What exactly is that?

Where are those files located in?

For HDD connection.
If it’s protected by system, you need to give them all of ‘Authority’ to ‘Everyone’.
(read, delete, modify etc)
And then you can make your friend’s HDD to a ‘Slave’(if IDE HDD, you need to change the ‘Jumper’ to Slave.
then connect your PC as a Slave.

For network connection.
You need to change sharing options to ‘read’ and ‘write’.

For the other network connection.
You can use FTP such as ‘Filezilla’.