Formated os without thinking through

i formatted my computer without uninstalling CTM and now i dont have any data please help.

Can you expand a bit on ‘Formated’?
If you wiped the disk with the command ‘format’ and have installed Windows over it then I’m afraid all data is lost.

Did you happen to make a backup on some external drive/DVD/ftp/cloud? as this never replaces a good backup every now and then.

I reinstalled windows XP, and no i dont have any backup :frowning:

Sorry to hear that but then I’m affraid your data is lost…
If there even was a slight possibility of recovering it it’s probably overwritten now by the new XP install…

Thank you for your time, i really appreciate it.

Well there are programs that will let you recover files after formatting a HDD (unless nothing new was physically written on them, so the earlier you try the higher the percentage of files you will be able to recover). One that I can think of, is File Scavenger but certainly there are a lot more. So even if you reinstalled Windows you will only lose what was written on the disk where the new windows now sits. And if I am not mistaken after a clean install windows will occupy the same part as the original installation. Certainly don’t expect that you will avoid reinstalling programs that you need to use but do expect to recover office files photos etc.