Format hard disk, lost certificate

Good afternoon!

For me the operating system has fallen, at reinstallation it was required to format a hard disk. I have lost the certificate. Through a site has deleted the old certificate, has ordered new by means of SecureEmail Certificate Sign Up Wizard. But me the error message “Our systems report there is already a valid certificate for is produced… please contact support. Error code: 0251:16”

At attempt to delete the certificate through the web-form the message “You have no Certificate to revoke” is produced.

Please, help.

P.S. I ask a pardon for errors.

Hi Denius.

You should first revoke your first certificate (that failed to install) and then request new one with Comodo SecureEmail Sign-Up Wizard.

Note: To revoke your certificate you should send e-mail to cse-support[at] from the same e-mail address as your certificate issued for and ask to revoke your certificate.

Kind regards,