Forgotten Rules (Defense+ and Firewall)


For some reason, CFP3 doesn’t want to play ball on my main computer :'(. That said, CFP3 works perfectly on my laptop ;D.

The problem I’m having is that CFP3 doesn’t seem to remember any rules set for Comodo products, i.e CAVS2, BOClean, etc ???. Each time, I set to “Trusted Application” yet I am prompted each time >:(. What I have noticed in my rules (Defense+), is that “Program Files” is recorded as “Progra~1” yet other software has recorded the full path.

This problem also occurs in the firewall rules although I have a combination of “Program Files” and “Progra~1” for Comodo products. Very odd ???.


Computer spec: Windows XP Pro SP2 (32-bit) running on 64-bit CPU.

Edit: See screenshot below for example (Firewall only). I’ve disabled Defense+ at the moment so don’t have a screenshot.

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