Forgotten Password - I think not!

Just had an e-mail telling me that the “forgot password” function had been used in these forums:

Dear giraffe,
This mail was sent because the ‘forgot password’ function has been applied to your account. To set a new password, click the following link:
Password reset link removed by moderator to prevent possible abuse.

As I’m still logged in, haven’t forgotten the p/w and haven’t asked for a new one, I’m rather suspicious.

Is there some sort of scam going on? BTW, the message was only 4.8kB - if it had been unduly large I woudn’t have downloaded it.

Unless other people report getting this type of email without having asked or password reset I think somebody with a username similar to yours may have asked for it. Likely this person did not quite remember the user name he or she registered in the past.

Hi All

I to have just received a password reset email


I’ve reset all my passwords and the actual Comodo email is very different from the 1st one

Any more people getting unsolicited password reset mails?

All your passwords? How do you mean? Do you mean you changed passwords on all sites you’re signed up with?

and the actual Comodo email is very different from the 1st one
Do you mean it differs from the one giraffe posted or do you mean you received two emails from the Comodo forums for a password reset?

Please keep in mind that when you don’t use the password reset link nothing changes. You’re safe even if somebody else asked for the password reset.

No I got one saying my actual Comodo Account which contains my license keys etc., has been changed which I have not requested

What did it say was changed? Did it identifiably come from Comodo? Without more details it is hard to figure out what is going on.