forcing application to use particular network interface

I am evaluating the free version of Comodo Firewall with the hopes of purchasing the full version if I can get it to work properly. I have on my laptop 2 network cards, a wired card and a wireless card. The wired card connects to a server that runs a VPN service, and the wireless card connects directly to my router, bypassing the VPN service going straight out my ISP connection.

I have setup the rules in Comodo per the various instructions on the website for allowing Firefox access to the wireless network while blocking access to the wired network, thereby forcing Firefox to go out the wireless connection bypassing the VPN. However this is not working, the block rule appears to work as Firefox now will not connect at all just errors out. But it does not flip over to the wireless and go that way. The block rule is on the bottom, after the allow rule on the top.

Do I need to do something else to make this work?

Much thanks!!

Did you have this setup working before?
I think you have an issue with your default gateway/routing here.

Did you set both interfaces with a default gateway? else what route is the VPN service using and why would you split it at firewall level if the OS routing table won’t allow traffic to go out both?