Forced to Uninstall Firewall

Last week when I came home from work, I noticed that my computer had crashed while I was gone. The desktop wallpaper was there but no icons, and I was unable to raise explorer or task manager.

I did a hard reboot but when Windows came up, everything was unresponsive or if responsive, it froze when I initiated any activity.

I suspected a rogue start-up program, but having several, it was hard to figure out.

So I booted into Safe Mode and used Msconfig to prevent everything from loading including CFP. I turned on Windows Firewall when Windows restarted successfully.

Everything was fine and functioned normally on boot.

Today I uninstalled CFP completely and then reinstalled it after a reboot. On boot-up, Window’s Start Menu was unresponsive and explorer crashed on start-up.

I then uninstalled CFP (again, in safe mode) and everything was fine on boot-up even with the other startup programs.

I’m running the following:

Windows XP SP3 32-bit
AMD 9950 proc with ASUS MB
Nvidia 9800 GT video

Startup programs:

Everything (search)

Looks like I’m out of the game for Comodo until I reinstall Windows or get a new computer.

Is it a coincidence that there are now 3 more recent posts than mine that are about hangs on booting?



I think you’re had a problem with a corrupted virus update. Please take a look here :


So the fix is to reinstall and then go into Safe Mode to make some adjustments?

Seems like the fix should be a fault-free version of the software to me.


I’m not sure why this has been moved to the antivirus area.

When I reinstalled, I did not install the antivirus component.

Clearly the problem was with the firewall.

Moved a more appropriate board.

Try the following basics. Disable all other security programs and see if that helps. When it doesn’t uninstall CIS, reboot and use this clean up tool. Then install CIS again and see what happens.

There were no other security programs running to begin with or on the second install.

I’m not going to reinstall Comodo until this type of problem has been eliminated.

Like many others, the time spent troubleshooting was significant. Fortunately I didn’t lose any data.