Forced to abandon CPF

Within the course of 2 weeks, I found that two essential apps for me were not (easily) compatible with Comodo Personal Firewall:

  1. BOINC
  2. SlimDevices SqueezeCenter

I found that even when I turned off CPF, neither app worked. I had to uninstall CPF for either app to work on Windows XP SP2 with a relatively new install.

I have used CPF for a couple of years; only recently had the incompatibilities developed.

I now use Online Armor Free which has been highly rated and is fully compatible with both apps above - no advanced configuration or fiddling required.

I look forward to using CPF in the future when it becomes easier to use.

I’m not a novice either. I have 6 website, 6 PCs in my home network, and chair the committee for the electronic medical record at my place of employment (we have over 45,000 patients in the system).

Good luck.

I can get any program to work with Comodo. Did you try adding your programs to the firewall and D+ as trusted? Did you try training mode?

Hi everyone,

jimzak, how did you turned off CPF? FYI, closing of CPF taskbar icon does not turn CFP off actually.
In order to make sure CPF is disabled, please, check that D+ and firewall are disabled both in CPF configuration separately.

If your applications work well with disabled D+ and firewall then, please, do the following simple things:

  1. Make sure your applications are defined as trusted in security policies of D+ and firewall
  2. Make sure there are no other policy rules blocking them
  3. Make sure firewall enables incoming connections to ports your applications use

If your applications do not work with both D+ and firewall disabled, then please, post the following information in this thread for further investigation:

  1. CPF version you use
  2. BOINC and SqueezeCenter versions you use
  3. A list of Windows updates above SP2 installed on your computer


Ummm this post hasn’t been reopened by the OE poster since June. So I doubt they are going to read your reply. Going into old outdated posts and replying to them isn’t necessary. Thanks.