Force VPN Only

So, I played around with this a bit, even browsed these forums and the internet and tried a few different configurations, but there seems to be something I’m missing.

I would like to allow my computer to establish an initial internet connection, but then only allow my entire system to connect through my VPN.

My VPN software has this feature built in, but if the software closes then the protection stops.

If anyone can help me set this up, I would appreciate it.

Most paid VPN’s offer this. No free VPN is free. Paid ones need two things which are a kill-switch which is what your talking about and secure DNS servers from the VPN.

Edit : what VPN are you using ?

I’m running TorGuard, which does have this feature.

I just wanted to learn how to properly implement it through the firewall, partially as a learning process and partially as a backup.

Sorry don’t know much about the TorGuard service or services and processes of the software. I would recommend Nord never seen it crash.

I trust TorGuard (and some other services) a lot more than Nord, personally. I have no issue with it crashing.

As long as your happy ! :slight_smile: Yes if you turn off or disable the software then the protection stops from you original post. So if you want the the protection to continue then don’t close it. That’s why I assumed it must be crashing. Silly me. Nord VPN is based in Costa Rica so they don’t answer or follow US and EU jurisdictions or laws. TorGuard is based in the the USA. I prefer a service outside the Eyes Alliance.

Cool username you got and nice to meet you ! Good Luck . . .