Force Updating Obsolete Version

I had a huge amount of trouble with the following feature.

COMODO changes date of EXE/BAT/CMD etc. on copy

CIS/CES 8 adds ADS to files which remain present if files (login to view)

I’m currently using COMODO 7.0.317799 Firewall Free on Windows 7 SP1 32-bit. I disabled automatic updates. Does COMODO have a history of force updating obsolete versions? I don’t want the ADS “feature” on my system.

How do I find the version number in the program? Or in command prompt?

Comodo won’t force you to upgrade. ADS is supposed to be removed in the upcoming release of v10.

Open the GUI, click on he question mark in the upper right corner, choose About to find the version number.

Hi all,
ADS, for “Alternate Data Stream”, or alternate data streams, are mechanisms built into Windows and especially to NTFS to make it compatible HFS file format Mac. In other words, the ads are alternative locations where data can be stored and which are unique to each file from a Windows NTFS
the next version of cis (10) protect ADS;msg842864#msg842864

Thanks for replies.

You’re welcome! :wink: