Force unsandbox feature

Why keep them back into the sandbox when these applications are to be trusted? They’ll just be getting back into sandbox.

Which applications are you talking about?

These applications.

I have managed to unsandbox them before, but a few day later it is sandboxed.

See if you can move move them from x unrecognized files observed / will be treated as Partially Limited to my trusted files

It wasn’t at unrecognized files. I try putting it into trusted and it still wouldn’t work out. I found the solution to my problem. I just install the CIS without AV and replace the AV with bitdefender. All I have now is the CIS firewall and defense+.

Thanks for letting us know, now we know what to try if more people experience the same problem :-TU :slight_smile:

If an application keeps becoming unrecognized, it is because the application has changed in some way. There are numerous legitimate reasons an application may change on each run.

Since CIS uses file hash to recognize files, if the application changes in any way, the hash will change and CIS will see this as a new file.

Currently, the only way to deal with these types of files is to give them the Installer or Updater predefined policy.

I would love to see a more elegant solution in future releases.

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