force sandbox MSI

Why .msi files not runs sandboxed if I have rule “sanbox all files from folder”? same with .sfx archives.

At win 7 x32 i have popup from comodo (why is popup if i have rule?). At win 7 x64 *.msi files runs unsandboxed without prompts. I removed all trusted vendors and unchek all boxes for trusted installers.

How many years comodo company is improve their products? I used it for 2 weeks and founded 2 bugs. But this is not bad. Bad for me is pure support. At least at this forum. May be for corporate users better. Sorry for offtop. Realy sad for me

experiment. When i remove msiexec from group of “windows update applications” sandbox works properly with msi at win 7 x32. But at x64 this trick not works

I reinstalled my windows and “bug” has fixed. Shame to me. Sorry for my emotions

after importing old configuration problem returns( I’m tired

What is the exact sandbox rule that you created that is not working properly? Would you mind attaching your config here to see if there is a problem with the configuration itself. I am able to sandbox msi files that are in a specific folder.