Force Delete

I did not install COMODO in my XP Pro computer – It was used one-time via a flash drive to eliminate a problem. Now there is a “Force Delete” attempt at each reboot… How can I stop that?

It looks like “PowerRemover.exe” is called up by COMODO to do a “Force Delete” of files prior to starting Windows.

Which Comodo product had you previously used?

The application was CSC-Portable

Please use Autoruns to see if there is an auto-run entry for it. If there is removing it should solve this issue.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I am not familiar with Autoruns - can you tell me about it?

You can find it on this page. This is a portable app which shows you all of the autorun entries on your computer.

You can thus use this to disable, or remove, any autorun entries for Comodo products.