Force all traffic through OpenVPN

I’d like help in setting global rules to force all traffic through an OpenVPN connection whenever Comodo is enabled. It looks like what I want to do is basically what is outlined in the first post here:

However, I’m a newb and can’t seem to make it work the way outlined (seem to end up with no ability to connect to the net, with vpn either off or on). It’s possible I’m not using the correct IPs for the “network zone for the vpn” and the “vpn’s ip” as labeled in that post. I’m also unsure about whether or not to keep/remove the automatically determined zones, or if I might also need to add a specific zone for the vpn. I’ve read you may need to do such things when configuring individual apps to use the vpn, but again, I want to simply make comodo block all traffic (all apps) except what goes through the vpn.

Could anyone state this a bit more clearly for me? Or even be willing to talk me through it via IM or whatever this weekend sometime?