For users with re-installation issues only.

Hi everyone,
Just trying to determine a common factor for users having re-installation issues after removing Comodo Internet Security, including Firewall or AV only installations.

Please note: Only vote if you are having re-installation issues.


I voted “Yes”. I used Revo Pro (and also the recommended CIS uninstallers) when uninstalling CIS.;msg805910#msg805910;msg805758#msg805758

I ve got the same problem. Removed geebuddy with SAS, CIS stopped working, re-install is possible at first, but after
reboot CIS is does not start, and the cistray.exe cannot be found.

I tried everything, uninstall, revo-uninstall, safemode, the unoffical uninstall tool (which does not support the current CIS version 6?!) …