For those looking for an external Hard Drive is currently haveing a sale on this Western Digital 250 GB external hard drive. It is only $99.99 USD so IMO it is a really good deal. If you are interested you can look at it and order it at the link below. I will be ordering one of these for myself, and after I saw what a great deal it was I thought I would share this information with everyone. Also it comes with free 3 day shipping!


Personally, I went for two LaCie 250GB. Approximately the same price. The intrails are Hitachi Storage (formerly IBM) Deskstar T7K250. Ultra quiet, low temp, and since the onboard usb to ata controller utilizes the TCQ (Tagged Command Queueing) and NCQ, they are very fast for an USB drive.

If you want more security, there’s always the version with biometric security aswell.

Both are good products, and worth their money (in my book, anyways)


I spliced 100 IDE cables together and carried my hard drive around the house. With each IDE, I have an extra connection and now have nearly 200 hard drives currently external except for the two that won’t reach beyond the main MB cable. It’s a choir of humming hard drives, deafening at times. I use “raid” configuration, it won’t do diddly for my hard drives but kills bugs dead!

Seriously, I would go with the empty trasferable hard drive cases, I can then stick a 40 dollar hard drive in whenever needed.