For the less techie, like myself.

I would like to know how i can stay safe from viruses like can anyone give me a guide or something?

Also does firewall default settings prevent viruses (Or atleast helps)?

Also why does Avira stubbornly detect the cpfconfigv3 or something like that (The tool that shows all your firewall settings) made by COMODO

Don’t go to places you don’t know. Don’t download stuff you don’t know. Scan suspicious files (up to 10 MB) with VirusTotal.

Use a good free AV like Avira, Avast.

Use Linux if you can.

P.S. That could be a false positive from Avira.

Thanks for your tips.

Now i would like to know one more thing, which is better Ad Aware or Spybot S&D?

None. Avoid them like a plague. All you need is a head on your shoulders, good AV, maybe a firewall and safe browsing habits.

And make backups regulary. That’s it.

All extra protection is useless. It just increases your resourse usage, your boot and shutdown times. Slows down your browser. And a probability of false positives and weird bugs sky-highs

Performing scans every once in a while with anti-malware programs is also good practice. Some of the best free ones can be found here:
What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

Thank you Both I am going to be sure to do all this:) but Is it best that I disactivate them both or uninstall them all together?

joeythekangaroo- Even the most careful and cautious navigation of the internet can still lead to Malware infection from contact with unobtrusive modern methods of desiminating malware…

From…"Malicious flash banners are just like any other flash banner (.swf) except that they have date activated code in the banner. So, for example, the malicious flash script may read like this:

On June 10, 2008 at 10 am

load (this url) or redirect to (this url)

The URL is either a malicious file or a website that injects malware automatically into vulnerable, unpatched pc’s."

Just recently I have nearly been the victim of a drive-by Downloading Trojan and found dangerous Malware embedded in programs downloaded from very trusted and reputable websites and what saved my computer from Malware infection was a combination of Comodo Internet Security, the A-Squared Free scanner and Sandboxie which will not allow Malware to attack my computer or write to its registry when the browser is running inside the safety of the Sandbox. Once the browser is closed and the Sandbox is deleted the entire contents including any Malware that may have been present is very quickly deleted into harmless digital dust.

I have scanned my computer countless times using 1/2 a dozen of the most reputable Malware scanners since I started using Sandboxie almost a year ago and I have yet to detect a single piece of Malware… not even so much as a single tracking cookie! By comparison back when I was using PC Tools Spyware Doctor it used to remove 100-150 tracking cookies and spyware every day! Now with Sandboxie they are not allowed access to the computer in the first place and the best part is that your browsers can be set to automatically start in Sandboxie for full protection from today’s very clever Malware.


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From my experience having a good firewall like comodo as well as the use of avast and malwarebytes help greatly. It would also help to have firefox along with the noscript and adblock plus addons. The noscript addon can be like a first defense against websites that have been infected or compromised and the adblock plus addon can help protect you against those malicious banners. Again nothing is perfect but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Yes that is a very good point. There are loads of browsers out there (even comodo has one) it’s best to aviod Internet Explorer as nearly all malware targets it.