Apart from Aussies, Please don’t say anything. American people; I am half American FYI… My Dad is American and my Mum is Australian, so let’s play a game:

Do you know what Hotchips are?
Do you know what Tomato Sauce is?
Do you know what a lamington is?

All 3 are types of foods as a first guess! :smiley: and every time I go to America no one knows. :slight_smile:


tomato sauce goes on italian foods. no clue about the other two. lamington…? sounds like a seafood. :stuck_out_tongue:

HOw can someone not know what tomato sauce is?

Do you know what Hotchips are? ==> Some kind of Potatoe chips ???
Do you know what Tomato Sauce is? ==> maybe spaghetti sauce ???
Do you know what a lamington is? ==> I really have no clue about this one… a knife ???

Hotchips are like chips but really spicy
Tomato Sauce, is spaghetti sauce
Lamington is type of cake…


Thanks! I like Australia!

I thought Aussies lived on Vegemite.

Tomato sauce is Ketchup.


No. Ketchup is tomato sauce. :wink:


Well done Jake.

Next ones - without the aid of a search engine, what do you think the following Australian things are;

Chiko Roll

Ewen :slight_smile:


in Indonesia
Sauce = saos (tomato ketchup)
Ketchup = kecap (soy sauce)

Without a Search Engine:

Chiko Roll

a clothing line? That’s what it is in america. :slight_smile:

  1. Sounds like something for surfing… or maybe skateboarding?

  2. ummm guessing on this one… maybe chicken roll… like the egg roll?

  3. That is a stadium, i think it was for cricket… if i’m wrong well then it must be for soccer?

i didn’t use any search engines to find these…


Jacob is smart…

I got them all right !?


Re. billabong - I mean the physical thing called a billabong, not the brand name “Billabong”.

thats a restaurant right?

In Vienna? I went there before…


Billabong…Guess harder :slight_smile: