For CIS5 - anyone know if rules are stored in the registry or db like sqlite ?

For CIS5 - anyone know if rules are stored in the registry or database like sqlite ?


Rules are stored in the registry.

You can export them to a file and will be stored in .cfgx format.

The Comodo installation folder also contains back up version of the three profiles with factory settings. This way users can start clean if they desire.

I think it would be great to put it into sqlite database, because it would probably improve speed as well as make clean install uninstall better.

Thanks Eric,

I would say if CIS 5 is a GUI rewrite and also portions of the engine are being rewritten.

Porting the rules into sqlite should definitely be done, will be +1 for the comodo dev’s and team.


Well they already did a lot to improve things there, like not creating rules (consuming registry space…) for safe applications etc. Only users with heavy CIS D+ / Paranoid settings will still see Alert writing lag…

It would be very welcomed to have this fixed also if there is some time, but as it’s not a bug, and not the majority that are having issues I assume it will take a while for this to be changed…

Thanks Ronny,