For a next comodo version


I’m a satisfied comodo firewall user, I would like to make some suggestions for a next release of comodo:

  • Save rules list for applications: When we upgrade (uninstalling and reinstalling) just apply this list and you are done with your updated firewaal
  • Password protected configuration: For to use in unsafely environments (public computers, etc).

Thanks for Comodo Firewall!

Password is suggested in the wishlist.

Save rules is also suggested in wishlist, but is possible now if you download the backup script in a thread in firewall/help section.

You should stop visiting that site… :wink:
It’s the only one that can make my cpu go up… ;D

No it isn’t. Even this forum one because it’s not a plain text site, for example. Seriously, if I disable monitor dll cmdagent.exe is 0%, which is what is should be when browsing any site. I think it was the same with 2.3, but it never caught my attention until all this discussion about cpu usage and then I just happened to test that site with Task Manager on.