Fonts are garbled in Comodo Dragon Version 29 on Windows XP

Having upgraded today to Version 29 everywhere I was surprised to find that on the Windows XP machines (Pro and Home) the fonts for the tabs, menus, address bar etc are all garbled. If there was a way to post a screen image on here I would but I suspect all you have to do is install Version 29 on Windows XP to see what I mean as I have upgraded 3 and they are all the same.

Seems fine on my Windows 7 laptop.

Hi TheDukeUK,
Sorry I have not experienced this issue.
You can post a screenshot using the additional options function and select your image file. (Screenshot).

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Here’s what I mean (thanks captainsticks)

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On the XP machines this has happened on, are there any other comparable factors.
Hardware or software etc.

Not really. One is my PC at work which is a Dual Core Intel box with XP Pro, one is a HP Laptop with HP Pro and the other a Compaq Desktop PC with Home Edition XP. They are all fully up to date with Microsoft Updates. The first two have CAV on and the last one MSE.

Oh and the fonts were all fine with 28 … just after 29 they are garbled.

It’s the same on Server 2003.

Actually I vaguely recall a similar issue with the first Google Chrome release of 29.

Let me check Chrome 29 out on all the XP boxes … must admit I never use it on them.

It’s the same with Chrome 29. Let me check all 3 PCs.

Yes I remember now I had the issue on my work PC with Google Chrome 29 and had to go to the Beta Version 30 to fix it. So it is fixed in Chrome Base 30 if that is any help.

I don’t suppose there is a Dragon Beta 30 ??

or could the devs for CD back port the fix in 30 to CD 29 ?

Here’s one bug report on Chrome 29!topic/chrome/r-u7CuXl_c0[1-25-true]

Edited link – JoWa

Dragon 29 portable on XP SP3 (Swedish) looks fine. :-\

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Maybe that will help the devs get it working for us English folk :wink:

It looks fine in English too.

What happens if you switch from English UK to English US (or any other language) in chrome://settings/languages and restart Dragon (and then switch back and restart again)?

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Nope. I even tried Swedish which was an experience. Even the Swedish characters on the drop down menu are garbled.

Thank you for the suggestions. I will wait for version 30 I think and use Chrome till then. I have wasted far too much time on this.

Bug reported, bug in Base Chrome 29, Bug Fixed in Base Chrome 30.

By all means ask Google how they fixed it and relay it to me but I don’t think trial and error is going to get us anywhere.

Thanks again for trying to help.

Thank you for testing. :slight_smile:

I guess you are using Windows Classic-theme? Then it might solve the problem to switch to the the default theme, and then switch back.

I use Windows XP. I changed from Windows Classic style to Windows XP style and it fixed the font issues. I changed back to Classic style and the problem did not come back.

That does not seem to solve the problem for all users, though.

Thank you that fixed the problem for me. I had an old Windows 2000 Utopia Theme I did years ago which has fixed the Menu. Address Bar Fonts.