Follow on from My last post concerning fireall intrusions(*new info)

The problem is if you do that, the logger will probably log even more requests ???


im about to try the prevx security investigator…let me no if you can get any info for me thanks eXP.

Ahh I didn’t know the logging was the issue! :smiley:

well that cant be a very thourough scan finished in under 5 mins…lol
nothing found anyway

Could you do a scan with a-squared free please ?


why would there be so many intrusion attemtps.I do not hold valuble infomation,not a v.i.p.,not doing anythin illegal…so y such a interest in my i.p…



I have no idea, and I was hoping that someone else could clear that out a bit, but it seems …


just waiting for download very slow…

yeh…no1 was able to clear it up yesterday either…

could you post the hijackthislog in the meantime ?


I really don’t think this is an real attack, possible a malware but I doubt it since you did so much scanning, as for System I would just set the thing to block both inbound and outbound and NOT LOG.

If you have the time you could do a rootkit scan with RootkitReveler

(download link almost at the bottom of the page)

And hijackthis as Xan suggested!

well ive found access to all the blocked ip.s including contact emails and info location ect.via the dshield webiste

the program you gave me the link to will not install states…acess denied.

Well, I got it from here


what do you mean by not a real attack…what are the other possibilities?

the a squared program will not install on my pc…mayb issue with xp sp3

tryin the root kit reavler then thats enuff for 1 nite…

cheers :-TU

could it possibly be incoming requests via utorrent?>>

Dunno. ???
If you notice a exceeding number of “attacks” when you turn on utorrent and get none when you have utorrent off you probably could draw that conclusion.
But Iam no expert in the field! :smiley:

the attacks are consistant.with or without utorrent or even without using my browser.

still unresolved… :frowning: