how many run Folding@home ?

I’ve had it since April this year, how about we create a COMODO team? :stuck_out_tongue:

for one COMODO gets free advertising of their name lol. so Melih is bound to drool over that lol…
but i was just wondering since i’ve been folding with folding@Home for past seven - eight months because its a good cause, its like charity and costs nothing to really take part in and do.

the reason i downloaded and installed Folding@home ages ago now, is because its a good stress test tool for a newly built PC it puts in good burn time. something i used to always do for computers I built or when i was a big computer enthusiast.

wow that @ thing looks gay lol so instead here is the homepage for that folding app if anyone is interested

I run two clients, but I’m already committed to another team, sorry.
I would encourage anyone / everyone to join however, it is for a good cause, doesn’t cost anything, and you might be the one who cures cancer! FaH just sits there using spare cpu time, it doesn’t interfere with any cpu intensive programs (games, video conversion, etc), and if you run it as a service (recommended) you won’t know it’s there.