Folding@Home & World Community Grid

Hey all :slight_smile:

Anyone folding or griding?

I encourage people to do so; the unused power can be used for good purpose than benefits as all :). Grid with the cpu (is has low priority so it won’t slow the computer down.) and fold with the gpu.

I have my laptop on 8-12h and it’s folding and griding during that time.

Is comodo folding or griding?

Valentin N

I used to fold, and ran the WCG through BOINC. (I was both an alpha and beta tester for BOINC)

My old computer was on 24 hours a day, and was constantly running distributed computing projects. It melted down a few years ago, and I’ve never gotten back into it with my new(er) system.

You can customize how you want it of course :slight_smile: The stable one is running very good and okey. Folding[at]home beta is running perfectly fine (at least for now and for me)

What cpu do you have? you could for instance make your amd cpu run at 50% all the time and grid at 100% to make sure machine won’t get to hot