Folders created by Comodo

I have installed Comodo Back-up on one of my Windows 7 Home 64-bit machines. It seems to have created some folders on the 2nd drive of this machine. Yet, I do not intend to use this 2nd drive for back-up of this computer. Instead, I want to back-up this computer to a 2nd drive of another computer on the network, while using this 2nd drive for backing up that other computer. Can I safely remove those folders, so they don’t interfere with that other computer’s back-up?
What if that other computer uses some other back-up software, like the one provided by Windows 7 Pro 64-bit?


What is the name of those folders?
You can remove them if they don’t contain any files you might need.
It doesn’t interfere with other computer’s backup.

It’s no problem.


Thanks. There is one folder called ComodoBackups.