Folder Exclusion For "My Pending Files" & Confirmation Dialogue for Pop-ups

Folder Exclusion For “My Pending Files”

Running Defense+ in “clean PC” mode, Avira update files are added to “My Pending Files”, everytime Avira updates. Instead of having to clean “My Pending Files” everytime a new file enters the PC, an option to tell D+ to ignore certain folders will be much more convenient.

Confirmation Dialogue for Pop-ups

To prevent users from accidentally clicking “allow”. Since the initial - execution pop-up is the most important alert when it comes to blocking malware (once you have “allowed” execution, it’s all left to D+; whether it can or cannot intercept actions), a confirmation dialogue asking the user to confirm his decision will save users from accidentally infecting their PCs.

That one extra click will certainly put a dent on the usability side. That is why the dialogue should be made to pop-up only when it is really necessary - when the severity of the alerts are high (red coloured) or only when something is trying to execute.

:-TU I’ll add my vote for the first request: Folder Exclusion For “My Pending Files”
It would make Pending Files less cumbersome to use.

:-TD I disagree with the second suggestion Confirmation Dialogue for Pop-ups
Having a RED Alert should be enough to cause a user to read the warning. If they still click allow without reading it, they won’t be helped by another warning. For most users it would make CIS less convenient to use.