Folder Backup Question

I am a new user to CB and have a quick question. I setup the sync backup, to backup multiple folders on my D:\ drive, to my I:\ external. I also turned on using the using folders option. It uses the subfolders for all but one of my folders. EX:
the D:\Backups folder is not created, but it’s subfolders are, except for d:\backups\firefox which is dumped into the main backups folder. Sorry if this is confusing.

Why is it not using subfolders on this one folder?

You can use “Create parent folders in destination path” option in backup step 4 to propagate parent directories structure.


I had that option on, and it worked for every folder except the Backups folder. I redid the config as a backup instead of a sync and now it works, odd.

Also, maybe I just can’t find it. How does one MODIFY an existing backup setup?

Go to Manage TAB, choose list view and then you will see a list of schedules, sync backups and history events.
Sync backups and schedules have an edit option.