Focus loss during updates checks

Greetings everyone. First time here simply because of this problem I’m having here.

The problem is that every time when the update check fires up in my system tray, all applications lose focus. Not very good when I’m trying to work on something and it makes it lose focus from that window. The happens every time the Firewall updater starts.

I don’t know, I might be the only one that has this problem.
Computer specs in signature.

I moved this thread from the bug report section because the bug report section isn’t for discussion.

This is an ongoing issue. You’re not the only one experiencing this. Currently, the best you can do is turn off the check for program updates in the More → Preferences menu.

Thanks for the clarification, it’s good to know that.

And sorry for the trouble of posting in wring section.

Also having this problem - very annoying. Comodo Firewall steals focus from applications, most noticeably fullscreen applications such as video players and games. In games it really messes things up as it takes you back to the desktop. How do I know it is comodo updater? because in Media Player Classic (video player) it says it lost focus to comodo updater in the status bar. Also the icon is in the notification area then disappears (when no update found).

I would have reported this as a bug, but there a massive form to fill in with irrelevant questions in it and considering I’m trying to help, I feel like I’m being punished writing lines. This has been happening for months now and I’m on the latest version as it auto updates and still isn’t fixed.

Without all of the relevant data, a bug report is useless to the developers.