I have a big problem.

The PUPs !

The download site, www.baixaki.com.br, of my country ( Brazil ), have caused problems with your installers and the CIS don’t detect them.

The CIS analists may develop one heuristic for to detect them ?

Has many intallers of many vendors and replaces every day.


No AV software detect 100%…
PUP detections are a bit problematic, it’s up to vendors, some never detect them, Comodo adds signatures at least but not that fast for PUP.

Comodo detect 1%

poor …

Make a test, visit the download site, www.baixaki.com.br, and test with Comodo.

This is a famous site in my country and million people are contamined every month.

This site appear in 1st in the Google when we search for any program.

Hello Henrique - RJ,

Thank you for your submission, we’ll check it.

Best regards,


what is the result?

The installers continue not being detected by CIS.

If they are continuously repacked then do not expect them to be detected. Few vendors cover all repacked PUPs…some don’t.

They need to make a generic signature(s) for that PUP(s).

heuristic for them

please !!!

Heuristic is different.

Why Malwarebyte’s usually detect them and CIS not ?

Cause Malwarebytes is designed to detect them but more because in July 2013, they started a new politic against PUPs quite agressive.
As we know, it’s up to the vendors to decide weather or not detecting the mass (PUP).

COMODO has poor PUP policy :frowning: i have to use malwarebytes for detect PUP :-TD

No need. simply check what you download, and uncheck toolbars and things like that during software installation…if you follow that, you’ll never encounter PUP.

You can also use Unchecky.