FN key


FN key on my laptop isn’t working with Defence+ enabled. “KeNotify.exe” application freezes and windows shutdown takes 1-2 minutes. Nothing on Defence+ Logs, and same happens with CIS 3.8.64263.468 and 3.5.x versions with clean installation. When Defence+ is completely disabled FN key is working fine and shutdown speed is back to normal.

  1. 64Bit
  2. Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 (TOSHIBA Qosmio x300-12H)
  3. None other security application


What is your setting for KeyNotify ?

“KeNotify.exe” is an application by toshiba and is a part of a driver for the touch buttons on the laptop and FN key combinations from F1 to F9. I have disabled it from running at start up and now my touch buttons are not working neither the FN key combinations but im not having any issues and im protected with Defence+.

Thank you COMODO Devs!!! :BNC Everything is working fine after i updated to .471 version. :ilovecomodo: Awesome work as always :slight_smile: