FLS:Unknown in KillSwitch

Hello I was wondering if sending all unknown processes from KillSwitch to comodo as Suspicious files (that’s the only available option from within KillSwitch) will result in them being added to whitelist (if safe)?

Same with autorun analyzer, except there is no “send to comodo” option.

When sending them they will be analysed first automatically is they are malware. In case they are not they will be analysed by human analysts. Read more about the analysis process in Unknown Files: The Sand-boxing and Scanning Processes.

Whatever I do, I always has FLS:unkown files…
I can’t submit it to analysis, just report false positives or report suspicious (which are not).

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These files should be reported for ‘whitelisting’ but I guess they have a pretty big backlog

If you like you can report them here. Just follow the methods explained in the first post.

Also, I was wondering why killswitch can’t detect services as safe or not, services are executables too, am I wrong?