Flora, the Komodo virgin dragon an expectant mom; offspring of a virgin's womb..

This article http://www.thestar.com/News/article/163820 appeared in our Toronto Star newspaper (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) today; December 21, 2006. Thought you might find its reading interesting.



Interesting, Kevin. I sure didn’t know they could do that! Hopefully, Comodo will live on, find new ways to propagate itself, just as its namesake does. :wink:


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Wow, guess she needed a better firewall!

Hmm, could one of the mods have been the father?

That’s just as amzaing as one of our products!

wastepaper basket full

Oh, never mind.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see… if there’s a resemblance, we know who to talk to!

Its a sign guys, its a sign :wink:

it shows the divine force behind Comodo!


I mean look at the facts:

The closest Komodo dragon(geographical proximity) to where Comodo was concieved and started is having this… come on… its nothing but a divine sign for Comodo :slight_smile:


Hmm, as I think about it, Melih, you’re the father of Comodo (but aren’t you also kind its mother as well - another miracle); could it be you have some part in this other Komodo offspring?

hmm… i didn’t know i could do Parthenogenesis :slight_smile:


I don’t wanna even say it, much less do it. ;D


You may all enjoy this (vaguely) season-related press release that we just conceived released.

Special tx to Kevin for bringing this wondrous little nugget of news to our attention.

Note: We do not plan on adding anti-parthogenesis capabilities to the firewall, so pls do not add this to the wish-list. :slight_smile:

Excellent article Paulo! :wink: It’s great that the new beta has been named ‘Flora’. :smiley:

Yup - thank the Chester Zoo for that one.

And, once we go gold with CFP, future betas will be named after her hatchlings - once we find out their names, naturally.


nice to see that people enjoyed the humour this PR was intended to give.


Great press release Paulo! and the new codename fits perfectly (:CLP)