Flicker status icon [M2261]

Hi everyone, I noticed that with Windows10 when CIS works (zip file extraction, app install, etc …) the status icon has a certain “flicker”.

When will it be resolved?

It does so on other PCs with Windows 10 and on one i have installed Comodo Antivirus and not CIS and do the same.

Thank you. :wink:

I have the same problem. It is very annoying >:(


Yep known issue. Bug 2261

Team is going to check it out.


I noticed that the CIS icon in the info area next to the clock is flickerng when browsing with Firefox. The flickering is a very short disappearing and re-appearing again , maybe for a less the a second, you really have to observe the info area very carryful. It happens while the web page is loading, I am not sure if it happens on every page - just try different pages with more content (pictures/gifs for exapmle)

I use Windows 7

can you reproduce this?

Merged topic of known issue.

just for the records… it is not only on Windows10 but also Windows7 machines as I have already reported above. It is pitty that the issue was not fixed in the released versions since the bug was reported for the first time in June ???

Why does the CIS Tray icon flicker a lot?

Try unchecking Traffic Animation in Firewall Settings

Because it is a bug that won’t be fixed until they update the UI.

I hope they get it updated soon.

When will this bug be fixed?

Thank you!

Now it blinks less than before, but sometimes it does. This happens especially when the PC is started. However it has improved compared to before.
Will there be a further update that solves the problem?

When will the problem be solved?
With the next version update?

This is under investigation.


My desktop doesn’t have the option to show traffic animation is this do to the flicker bug? My laptop does how ever, both my desktop and laptop are running on the same OS Win 10 x64 1803. I installed version July 18 & I have had no big bugs such as flickering.

In reality now with the new version of CIS and Windows 10 the flicker problem is very small almost non-existent compared to before. :wink:

Is this issue still under investigation?


This issue has been addressed - https://forums.comodo.com/antivirus-help-cis/snoozing-of-comodo-firewall-av-in-windows-10-t124655.0.html;msg890342#msg890342


In latest version of CIS there is no Flickering issue.Could you please check it.

Yes it still happens, you can get it by changing any CIS modules to enabled or disabled, pin or un pining CIS tasks to CIS taskbar, open CIS settings and change any setting then clicking ok. It flickers real quick when you perform any of those and other actions.