Fleeting views

Mostly CAV would either sit there quietly or ask for approval or otherwise of a new programme. However, when I fired Mozilla FireFox for example, the warning box will flash up, a progress bar will takes about 2 seconds to get across it, and it disappears.

What exactly is happening there?

Thanks for any help



This box is part of the HIPS in CAVS. If a new file is found, it will check the status of the file online. If the file is safe, the box will disappear. If the file is unknown the box will stay on screen, for the user to choose to either ‘block’ or ‘allow’ the alert.


Thanks very much.e
I was thrown because CFW behaves a bit differently in that it waits and tells you it’s "safe’ but still awaits your input.

Not sure which I prefer…funy thing is I do not see the progress bar during a search if the file is not safe…I think…it just pops up and says “Danger, Will Robinson!”


No problem.

How the safe list worked was changed with CFP 3, and I’d assume that the next CAVS (v.3) will be similar to the firewall. I have seen the progress bar when a file hasn’t been safe, but it does seem rare like you say.