Flaws in Comodo CIS graphical user interface [Solved]


Have a serious trouble here with CIS GUI, which can’t manage show the welcome screen correct.
Before the fix for cmdagent was released recently there was’nt any problems like this.
Ok, it helped many users there it was high activity in their CPU, and even myself :slight_smile:
Happy for that!

Believe there might be a connection between my failing GUI in CIS and this fix.
Grateful if someone can help this out and determine what it is O0
There are no similar issues when useing other software in this PC why it looks like a bug in CIS.

Hope my attached images perhaps might tell something and give a clue in what I mean…

Windows XP Pro Sp3
IE 8
Motherboard: Manufacturer ASUS. Model P4GE-FSC
CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.06GHz MMX, SSE, SSE2, HT
Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 6200
BIOS Vendor: Award Software, Inc.
BIOS Version: ASUS P4GE-FSC ACPI BIOS Revision 1004
Firmware Version: 97.114
2GB RAM memory
Plug and play CRT 15,7" monitor FS B772-1 FUS0462
DirectX 9.0c
HD: WDC WD 400 LB (40GB)

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Hello… Can you please switch to English language and see if there is a difference? Also please run the diagnostic tool. Misc~Diagnostic.

Hate to lower your hopes, But I haven’t heard anyone else with this problem… I doubt Comodo wil focus too much attention in this direction as V4 is just around the corner. So lets hope we can fix this. Maybe a reinstall might do the trick.

Can you please tell what is your screen resolution? Note, that CIS doesn’t support resolution 640x480. Should look fine with 1024x768.

Hi again!

Thanks for fast answers.

Yhea, however maybe this problem can help Comodo team somehow even if we can’t make it perfect this time. Tryed to switch over to English from Swedish but it did’nt helped that much, it looks pretty much the same as before. Have also tryed to reinstall the whole kit 3times but it not help that either :-
I’ve been testing with the diagnostic tool inside CIS on the last page but it can’t find any problems.

Thanks for mention it, I forgot to write about the resolution…I’m useing 800x600 60Hz and tryed both medium (16) colour and high (32) but it is’nt changeing anything. Have’nt tryed to change to another resolution yet but will do it soon to see if it helps.

Thanks both of you

The “fix” was only a database release. It wouldn’t change anything with the GUI.

Have you by chance increase the font size on your OS? That often results in issues like your screenshots show.

Hi, you mean to change the size of DPI?
Perhaps it work, will check it out :slight_smile:


Thanks HeffeD, you made my day! :-TU
I changed DPI back to normal from these 98% it was adjusted to and now CIS return back as it should look like and everything is normal again. Remember I changed DPI before because my screen had quite big fonts in Explorer and IE8 but I could’nt imagine this should have any impact on CIS or other software.
Hm bad I did’nt remembered this before but in the other hand who could know that this adjustment on DPI could have such a influence at Comodo CIS.

Is it possible to develop CIS for different DPI than normal settings in next generation?

Sorry Comodo for I assumed there was flaws when it actually was my own fault (:WAV)