Flaws, Considerations, etc.

Hell o,

as a relatively new user of your AV (2 months @ home; 1 month @ office) software I would like to submit some flaws I encountered during usage, which might encourage you to change a few lines of code :slight_smile:

  1. When showing “Object quarantined” dialog, please put a button on it to restore the moved file to it’s original place and add it to the exclusion list. (It’s lame to always click-through my way to the Quarantine).

  2. Email scanner. Hmm… I figured out you use some kind of a proxy service, which filters IN/OUT going mail… I’m fine with that, but my mail servers aren’t… they keep refusing my connections, (I use Courier and Thunderbird, both have issues with that). What happens with my original Interent address when fetching mail from servers (our local ISPs all have restrictions on logging into mail accounts from unknown sources/places/IPs :slight_smile: ? In the end I was forced to disable the IN/OUT going scans but the Stop Mass Mailer is still running (and does not influence my workflow).

  3. Resource usage. It ain’t as big as I’ve seen with others, but it’s not actually “low”. Try focus on performance, and not GUI (which IS nice, and well designed,organized). But is it necessary to have such a beautiful skin? No, but our eyes are picky when starring @ our screens everyday… true enough, make it optional (skins/no skins).

  4. Startup. My machines get stuck on system startup / windows logon. Does Comodo AV perform any memory check or scans something on logon/startup? Because my CPU goes above 50% on cavasm.exe.

  5. Scan engine. Hopefully it is faster than displaying the currently scanned file/folder while performing an OnDemand scan… The flickering is quite annoying, just like the canvas would get too many repaint MSGs. Considering the time to scan my machines, it is fast enough for me…for now… but you will improve it in the future, I guess & hope :>

Well, these were my 5 points of pain (hopefully descriptive enough and not RE-posted).

Have a nice COMODOing day while enjoying virusless desktops :wink: