Flashplayer Defense+ Rule (Regex - Generic Name)

Hello all,

I don’t know what I am doing wrong but cannot set my Defense+ rule correctly. First off I have set Defense+ to Paranoia, I have set all my programs to do only I want them to do.

To read a flash video in Firefox I need that file to be loaded :


When I update Flash the file name has changed accordingly (version), meaning I have to rebuild my rules for that file.
To prevent that I have created a new group in protected folders and set a generic file name so that Flashplayer Plugin would always be considered by comodo as a known file (already configured so no alert)

So far I have tried :


None of them work and Comodo always popup an alert to warn me about the FlashPlayerPlugin_11_8_800_94.exe.

Anyone has an idea please ?

Kind Regards.

Nobody have a clue ?
Can someone point me on some sort of documentation to find what are the available wildcards we can use on Comodo Defense+ ?