Flashing mouse pointer is a Noing

I discovered that when saving images, the mouse pointer style vacillates / flashes between text & link select in the file-name text-box of BrowseUI.dll when Ice Dragon browser is either sandboxed or running in the Virtual Deskop. That is not a prollem in either v5.12, nor when saving text files, e.g., ‘save link as’ etc.

That is very noing.

I body-slammed this issue and got a three-count with both shoulder’s pinned: the mouse pointer is vacilating between the image link of the image being saved and text select in BrowseUI text-box. It does this anywhere on the BrowseUI UI if the image is actually an image-link; does not happen if the image is pure IMG SRC=

It also seems as if this only occurs if CID is sandboxed.

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This could be a minor bug. Did you try a clean installation of CID and did the problem persist?

The prollem is not specific to the sandbox; neither styles nor themes are predisposing factors either.

I haven’t tried a clean install, but I have reset the browser to defaults and the prollem persists. Next time I’m logged into my WinXP dual-boot O/S I’ll see if the prollem occurs there; but that’ll be in CIS v7.0.x.latest.

BTW: the forums server posted this thread in the wrong forum, i.e, CIS Help/D+ Sandbox Help, when it should actually be in the CID Help forum. Huh. Dunno what’s up with that. 88)

It would seem that the prollem was somehow an effect of C++ 2005 SP1 redistributable.

Recently there was an update to that wouldn’t install, i.e., KB2538242.

Resolution of that and the flashing cursor issue in IceDragon was uninstll C++ 2005 resistributable and associated pathces, reinstall the base SP1 and then the MFC patch manually. This was necessary in that the latter installation wouldn’t install, per MS KB solution, as it was asking for installation CD for C++ 2005 SP1 base install.

What’s weird about that is that the base install file version for C++ 2005 SP1 is v6.0.3790.0 dated 2/18/2010 and the MFC patch is v6.0.2900.2180 dated 8/2/2012. After doing that WAU stopped pestering me about KB2538242 and no more flashing mouse pointer in IceDragon.