Flashget3 and defense policy

Win 7 ver 5.9. I use flashget3 for download but want to set limited access for the program. Even if I define a named policy under defense security policy and its password protected if I load flashget3 it changes back to custom all allowed except run executable. How can I stop this happening. I don’t allow anything as requested as flashget3 loads so I can’t see why or how it changes the underlying security,

Any ideas,


What mode is Defense+ in, and is automatically create rules for safe applications checked in Defense+ Settings?

I use paranoid setting for defense+
Create rules for safe application is switched off

If remove flashget3 from the trusted list whilst its not running, then define as limited then start flashget3 the permission reverts back to custime all allowed except run executable even though its password protected it seems the fact that it is a trusted vendor overweighs what ever I want to do. I may try reloading flashget I did a system restore on C drive a few days ago and didn’t have to reload flashget as its loaded to D: but maybe something is amiss,

Any ideas,

FYI it’s possible - make sure flashget3 is not running
1) first remove vendor from trusted vendor list
2) remove application from trusted application list
3) set your custom permissions under defense+
4) exit
5) start flashget3
6) block global hook it will try to load
7) it will then isolate the software - click don’t isolate again
8) re-start and it will accept your custom permissions but you have to block global hook everytime you use as far as I can see

flashget3 runs under limited application pernmsiions with only disk access added